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What a year has 2021 been! I'm still trying to process 2020 as I'm sure you all are too.

As many of you know I took some time off at the beginning of the year without knowing if or when I would come back. My father passed in March, and then shortly after my health took a nosedive. Well, I'm happy to say I'm Back!

Although right now my schedule looks a little blank. Nothing planned on the books, I do hope to release a few books in 2022 and concentrate on the stories rather than how many I produce.

I've also got a brand spanking new website check it out below:

And my group is back! Come join the shenanigans.

Now it wouldn't be a Pixie Newsletter/Blog without a little giveaway!

So here it goes! I'm giving away two of my paperbacks (Winner's choice)! Here's what you have to do.

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New book!

As for new books, I have a new one out now! A billionaire boss Christmas Story!

Evan Price

My assistant Zoey is my obsession. For six months I've tried to take her on a date to no avail. That ends now. I'm making her mine by Christmas, one way or another.

Little do I know the events that will transpire over the course of one crazy weekend. Secrets will be revealed, and lives will change.

Hopefully for the better.

Zoey Billings

My hot, billionaire boss wants me. I'd be crazy to turn him down, but I do. Time and time again. Until he orders me to a weekend as his date at his family's home.

The choice is taken from me. But, the more time I spend with him the more I'm in danger of falling in love. However, my past deters me from a happily ever after.

Or does it? When the truth comes out will he still want me?

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