Sizzle Beach

It's a hot SIZZLE BEACH SUMMER and we all need a vacation! 8 bestselling authors have gotten together to bring you 10 perfectly scorching beach reads.



✔️Drinks on the Beach

✔️Moonlit Cruising

✔️Small Tourist town you'll want to visit!

✔️Surf and Sand and S.E.X.

You don't want to miss the Sizzle Beach Summer.


Dirty, Flirty Dancing

West Greene

Beachside With You

T.O. Smith

Fifty Shades of Sun

Brynn Paulin

Things We Did Last Summer

Pixie Chica

Heartbreak Beach House

Layne Daniels

Girl on a Beach Blanket

Brynn Paulin

Crazy Rich Lifeguard

Rachelle Stevensen

Hot For Lifeguard

May Gordon

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Rebel Without Sunscreen

Haven Rose

Guy with a Starfish Tattoo

Brynn Paulin